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Showcase spotlights eight trends

From the HGO Merchandiser

 26 August 2019     Ashley Newport 

The centrepiece of this year’s Canadian Furniture Show was the second edition of The Trend Showcase. Created by interior designer Linda Mazur, it consisted of nine chic and stylish ‘rooms’ – vignettes, really – featuring compositions of handpicked items speaking to specific themes found amongst the product on display in the International Centre.

“We were approached by the show last year to do the trend showcase. As a small, independent retailer, you’re always looking for different creative approaches where you can inspire people and stay on trend by making sure that what you’re buying and what you’re investing in is going to sell,” Mazur, principal of the Toronto-based Linda Mazur Design Group, explains. “We took that perspective when we started designing for the trend showcase.”

The Trend Showcase #loveyourhome room celebrates the revival of aubergine in furniture and design. Boasting a lush velvet sofa in deep aubergine from A-Class Upholestry, a brass floor lamp and dainty side tables from Zuo Canada, this room celebrates bold colours and rich textures. The tech-savvy Trend Showcase capitalised on eight specific trends, ranging from curvy designs; blush tones as neutral colours; bold high-contrasting patterns; textures (think velvet, macramé, neutral materials); lighter wood tones; multi-function furniture; bold hues; and, recycled and upcycled pieces.

Designed as part of a quaint little house (albeit a fairly open-concept one without a roof), each room was built with one of the eight aforementioned trends in mind. Each featured everything that could make up a modern home: curvy furniture, bold colours, cozy outdoor living pieces, brass lamps, textured wood, velvet sofas, vintage-looking rugs in soft pastels, botanical prints, a royal blue velvet dining set and more.

“We tried to sort of bring a little bit of everything into it. When we came up with the design, we thought of compartmentalising everything into vignettes and designing around that so that it’s presented differently,” says Mazur.

One space focused on modern retro pieces that harkened back to the 1970s – a time when curvy furniture was king. The room featured a sofa from LH Imports, armchairs from Modern Sensibility, a coffee table from Style in Form, an area rug from Rizzy Home and accessories by Renwil, Guild Design Gallery and Zuo Modern Canada.

Another area focused on outdoor living by framing yards and terraces as an extension of the home. The showcase featured an outdoor dining set by Drop Ship Vendor Group, a parasol by Nuline Distribution, woven armchairs by Turquoise Palace and side tables by Luce Lumen.

The vintage vibes space appeared in the form of an office. The room featured a desk, chair and wall shelving by LH Imports, a wall sconce by Luce Lumen and accessories by Renwil, Guild Design Gallery and Zuo.

The ‘love your home’ room was quite striking, celebrating the return of aubergine in furniture and design. The purple-hued room (which featured a lush velvet sofa), included a couch by A-Class Upholstery, an area rug by Rizzy Home, side tables and a floor lamp by Zuo and accessories by Renwil, Guild Design Gallery and Zuo.

Another area celebrated the colour green. Making its walls with a #greenwithenvy descriptor, the room showcased one of this year’s hottest colours: dark green. The room included a dining table by Amisco Industries, a dining bench by Canadel, an area rug by Rizzy Home, a light fixture by Luce Lumen and accessories by Renwil, Guild Design Gallery and Zuo.

Another spot celebrated botanical prints – something seen recently in clothing design. With a #myhomevibe descriptor, the display showed how to bring a fresh, natural feel into the customer’s home. The room included palm leaf cabinet by Guild Design, a chair by Turquoise Palace, a pendant light by Renwil and accessories by Renwil, Guild Design Gallery and Zuo.

The showcase also explored texture. Some spaces featured bolder pieces, with one room featuring a brilliant royal blue velvet dining set from Canadel, a hexagon sideboard by LH Imports, a brass chandelier by Renwil, an area rug by Rizzy Home and accessories by Renwil, Guild Design Gallery and Zuo.

Mazur noted CFS attendees come from all over the country and, therefore, have different tastes but most of the trends spotlighted in her presentation simply transcended borders. “It’s all about warmth, it’s all about nature. Everything is about being organic right now,” she says. “You even see it in the vibe of furniture with the curvature. It’s very easygoing and is very comfortable, and it’s reminiscent of what was popular in the 70s and the 80s as well.”

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This HGO article was written by:
Ashley Newport
Ashley Newport

A regular contributor to HGO Merchandiser, Ashley Newport is a Toronto-based freelance journalist who writes primarily for trade and business publications. Her specialties include food, hospitality and emerging social/business trends.

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