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Samsung, LG, Home Depot named 2020 Energy Star winners

 29 June 2020     HGO Staff 

OTTAWA – Samsung Electronics Canada (SEC) was been named the winner of the Energy Star Canada Award for Sustained Excellence for 2020. LG Electronics Canada was named the program’s Appliance Manufacturer of the Year while Home Depot Canada received the Retailer of the Year honour.

For the past 19 years, the Energy Star program has been organised by Natural Resources Canada (NRC) as a voluntary partnership between the federal government and more than 1,500 business and utilities across the country working to adapt and promote greater energy efficiency.

NRC said behind each Energy Star label is a product, home or building which has been independently certified to use less energy and reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

Samsung Electronics Canada was named the winner of the 2020 Energy Star Award for Sustained Excellence by its organiser, Natural Resources Canada. The award highlights the company’s commitment to advancing energy efficiency in the electronics and appliances (such as the kitchen group and laundry pair show above) to consumers in this country.While this is the first time SEC has won the Sustained Excellence honour, it is no stranger to the program, having been named Appliance Manufacturer of the Year for three consecutive years (2017, 2018, 2019) and Electronics Manufacturer of the Year in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. It was also named Most Efficient Promoter in 2015.

“At Samsung, we believe in personalized technology that understands and supports the lifestyle of Canadians and benefits their bottom line, helping their finances go further,” SEC senior vice president of consumer electronics Warner Doell said in a statement. “We are steadfast in our commitment to core technologies and innovations that have a profound and positive impact on the spaces in which we live, and the environment.”

NRC noted SEC has been an Energy Star participant since 2003 praised the global appliance and electronics producer saying in “develops eco-friendly solutions and proudly promotes its products as among the most energy efficient options available for consumers and businesses.”

The company was cited for a 24% increase in the number of Energy Star certified appliance models available for sale to Canadian consumers in the past year, while noting 100% of its dishwashers, 87% of its refrigerators, 95% of its washing machines and 45% of its dryers carry the label.

In naming LG Electronics Canada as 2020 Appliance Manufacturer of the Year, NRC noted the company had a 10% increase the number of sustainable home appliance models offered to Canadian consumers and recorded some 15 million media impressions promoting its Energy Star certified products.

Believed to be this country’s largest single major appliance retailer, Home Depot Canada was named Retailer of the Year for the seventh consecutive year and its tenth year since joining the program in 2001.

In making the award, the program noted the 182-unit home improvement giant had a significant increase in unit sales of Energy Star certified appliances in 2019.

More information is available about the Energy Star program on its web site (click here to view).

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