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SCC signs Bianca Andreescu as first brand ambassador

 28 May 2021     HGO Staff 

TORONTO – Sleep Country Canada Holdings (SCC), this country’s largest mattress retailer, has named Canadian tennis sensation and Grand Slam tournament winner Bianca Andreescu as its first-ever brand ambassador.

In making the announcement, SCC said it believes the partnership with the 2019 Lou Marsh Award winner as Canada’s professional athlete of the year will advance its marketing efforts to transform the lives of its customers by awakening them to the power of sleep. The publicly held retailer heralded the 20-year-old native of Mississauga, Ontario as “a true sleep champion who credits sleep as fundamental to her overall health and wellness regime and vital to her success on the court.”

The company noted Andreescu will represent both of its brick-and-mortar banners – Dormez-vous in Quebec and Sleep Country across the rest of Canada.

In its current marketing efforts, SCC’s goal is to elevate sleep’s role within the wellness realm and persuade Canadians to prioritize sleep through small, attainable steps that will eventually transform into healthy habits. Sleep Country wants every Canadian to recognize the intrinsic role sleep plays in their health and help them find the right sleep essentials to support their wellness journey.

Canadian tennis sensation and Grand Slam tournament winner Bianca Andreescu has been named the first-ever brand ambassador for both Sleep Country and Dormez-vous.Andreescu shares Sleep Country’s dedication to championing sleep as an essential pillar of health and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. As an elite athlete, Andreescu actively prioritizes her sleep to achieve peak performance.

“Sleep is such a key part of my health and wellness which translates to my success on court. Whether it’s giving my body rest to recover from a match or keeping my mind sharp and focused in the moment – sleep allows me to stay at the top of my game,” said Andreescu. “Sleep Country and I wholeheartedly believe that sleep is the catalyst for optimal performance and for living a healthier and happier life. I look forward to partnering with Sleep Country to inspire Canadians to harness the power of sleep.”

The collaboration features a television and digital campaign centered on the notion There’s No Dream Without Sleep. Whether training for a tournament or preparing for work, home or school – sleep is the fuel that powers everyone’s day and allows the body to reset and recharge to perform at its best.

“We are on a mission to elevate sleep as a key pillar of health and wellbeing. We are so proud to team up with Bianca to awaken Canadians to the power of sleep,” Stewart Schaefer, president both Sleep Country and Dormez-vous added. “Understanding that Bianca prioritizes her sleep and places as much importance on it as her diet, exercise and training, reinforces how important sleep is to world-class athletes and everyday Canadians alike. Sleep is the catalyst to a happier and healthier life and enables us all to achieve our own personal dreams.”

Click here to preview Bianca Andreescu and Sleep Country’s There’s No Dream Without Sleep campaign.

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