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SCC named sleep provider to Toronto Blue Jays

 5 June 2017     HGO Staff 

TORONTO – Sleep Country Canada, this country’s largest specialty mattress retailer, has signed a deal to become the ‘Official Provider of Sleep’ to the Toronto Blue Jays, this country’s only Major League Baseball team.

“Sleep Country is thrilled to partner with the Toronto Blue Jays. As Canada’s team, the Blue Jays have a strong relationship with their fans, and our customers, from coast-to-coast. We look forward to working closely with them as we continue to champion the importance of sleep across Canada,” Dave Friesema, Sleep Country’s chief executive officer, said in a statement.

As part of this integrated partnership, Sleep Country will have extensive national brand exposure through stadium signage and will run engaging in-stadium programming throughout the season. In addition, Buck Martinez, the TV voice of the Blue Jays, will be featured in radio and TV ads to help bring awareness to Sleep Country's mandate of helping every Canadian be their best by getting a great night's sleep.

“We're delighted to partner with an industry-leader such as Sleep Country, who understands the important role sleep plays for all Blue Jays fans across this country, and all Canadians,” said Mark Ditmars, vice president of corporate partnerships for the Toronto Blue Jays.

To further amplify the partnership, Sleep Country recently participated in personalised product fittings alongside the Toronto Blue Jays high performance team. "As Canada’s sleep experts, we know how important sleep is to top performing athletes, so we were incredibly excited to participate in this sleep performance initiative by having our sleep experts custom fit many of the 25-man Blue Jays roster with new mattresses and pillows,” Friesema said, adding, “Providing the right sleep products based on individual sleep needs is what we do best and we hope our partnership will shine a light on the importance of quality sleep.”

The company also believes its mandate aligns well with the Blue Jays’ tactical approach to sleep and further reinforces the strength of this newly formed partnership.

“At the Blue Jays, we’re committed to getting better every day and a lot of that is around doing the simple things really well,” said Angus Mugford, the team’s director of high performance. “Playing baseball at the highest level is a physically demanding job, with 162 games in 180 days, travelling close to 30,000 miles during a season and an expectation to be at our best each and every day. We take an individualised approach to addressing the needs of each player and sleep represents one of the biggest opportunities – something a lot of people take for granted. Whether it’s at home, or on the road, treating sleep as a tactical priority can enhance our players’ ability to recharge and regenerate, both in mind and body.”

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