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SCC launches All for Sleep app

 25 July 2022     HGO Staff 

TORONTO – Sleep Country Canada Holdings (SCC), this country’s largest specialty sleep retailer, has launched its All for Sleep mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The new app gives users evidence-based sleep solutions and tools to create their own personalized sleep program with leading-edge support to help improve their sleep habits and wellbeing.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, getting good quality sleep is a struggle for 50% of Canadians – with one in ten experiencing insomnia. Lack of sleep contributes to chronic stress and poor mental health with over 36% of Canadian adults reporting chronic stress due to insufficient sleep.

“As Canada’s sleep partner, we’re thrilled to launch our new sleep app – All for Sleep – to support Canadians in getting the sleep they need to function at their best, both mentally and physically,” SCC president and chief executive officer Stewart Schaefer said in a statement. “We know sleep is a critical pillar of our health and it has a powerful impact on our wellbeing. Our new sleep app will empower Canadians to focus on their sleep and give them the tools to sleep better and live better lives.”

Powered by HALEO Clinic, the Montreal-based largest virtual sleep clinic, the app experience starts with a sleep evaluation that checks for insomnia, other sleep disorders and evaluates the user’s sleep environment, including age and condition of their pillow and mattress. Once the evaluation is complete, users can access the app’s features such as a sleep tracker that measures sleep patterns to optimize natural sleep processes without requiring a wearable device; wellness resources for learning how to sleep and feel better; relaxation guides including breathing techniques; advanced HALEO clinical help and a 35-day insomnia treatment if diagnosed; as well as access to Sleep Country’s Sleep Experts, special promotions and offers.

“As we continue our digital transformation, our All for Sleep app establishes an incredible foundation that connects our ecosystem of innovative sleep solutions and services and takes our sleep expertise and customer experience to a whole new level,” Schaefer said.

Founded in 2015, HALEO is a virtual sleep clinic whose mission is to make clinically proven solutions for sleep disorders and poor sleep accessible to everyone.

“Our partnership with Sleep Country marks an important milestone for our mission. The All for Sleep app that we co-created will provide millions of Canadians with quality self-guided sleep assessment and sleep improvement tools, included for free, all while facilitating access to our clinically proven professional solutions,” said Bradley Smith, CEO of HALEO.

The All for Sleep app is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices.

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