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PrimeTime stressed all things digital to CNW members

 3 May 2021     HGO Staff 

MONTREAL – Members of Cantrex Nationwide (CNW) recently took part in the second virtual PrimeTime, the conference and trade event organised by its parent company, Nationwide Marketing Group.

In a statement, CNW said more than 2,500 attendees from across Canada and the United Starts logged into the virtual PrimeTime platform for at least some portion of the three-day virtual event, which was held from March 16 to 18. Detail on how attendees there were from Canada were not provided.

During the event, CNW senior management took the opportunity to provide members with an overview of the global and Canadian economic outlook, to highlight several of the major trends shaping their retail environment and give an update on the state of the organization and its various categories – which ranges from electronics and appliances to furniture, floor coverings, photography and mattresses.

The welcome lobby to this past spring’s Cantex PrimeTime, which was held in collaboration with the event held by its parent, Nationwide Marketing Group.“Cantrex independent retailers have consistently shown how agile they are in reacting to the measures put in place during the pandemic as consumer spending spiked for household, entertainment and outdoor products in addition to a marked shift to a ‘buy local’ mindset,” the group said in a statement.

Members attended free webinars throughout the year on strategies to increase their online presence and a successful ‘think local, shop local, buy local’ awareness campaign on social media was initiated by Cantrex to support independent retailers during the 2020 holiday season.

“It is almost certain that the investment made in digital marketing will continue to pay off for retailers as a strong awareness will benefit both online and physical locations in both the short and long term,” they continued.

“Cantrex will continue its focus on growing their members online presence in 2021 and ensure they have a strong omnichannel solution in place to create an integrated customer experience,” the group added.

During the PrimeTime event, Patrick Tam of Google and NMG vice president of marketing Rob White hosted a session on how understanding and winning over the digital shopper has a huge impact on the independent retailer’s growth potential.

Bridget Brennan, a leading expert on the women’s growth market, provided insights on the increasingly important market of women shoppers and shared strategies and best practices retailers can use to increase their competitive edge, several of which retailers could put in place almost immediately.

“On the supply chain side, Cantrex continues to work relentlessly with its major vendor partners to ensure a smooth and timely flow of inventory to fulfill both back orders and new orders in member stores,” the organization said. “Cantrex will continue to enhance and expand its exclusive programs in 2021 giving members the competitive advantage in their markets.”

While virtual events have allowed retailers, vendors and other industry professional connected, CNW senior management acknowledged many throughout the industry are anxious to return to in-person events when its possible to meet again. NMG is expected to return to an in-person format for its next PrimeTime event in Nashville, Tennessee, scheduled for August 15 to 18, 2021.

CNW will return to the in-person format in 2022 and will hold a vital event for its members this fall. Details about Cantrex PrimeTime will be available over the coming months.

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