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Polysleep to support retail partners with web site store locator

 7 June 2021     HGO Staff 

MONTREAL – Online bedding specialist Polysleep has added what it describes as a custom, responsive store locator to its web site in support of the 100-plus mainly independent brick-and-mortar retailers who carry the brand across Canada.

“The last year has been a year of constant challenges for our customers, the industry and the local market. As a leading mattress brand, we decided to team up with Wecre8websites to develop a custom app that embedded our Shopify store, Google Places, Airbnb, and multiple third-party platforms offering an exceptional experience where customers can meet our partner’ services, try our products, and support the reactivation of the local economy,” Polysleep co-founder and chief executive officer Jeremiah Curvers said in a statement.

“Our customized Polysleep store locator will allow us to expand across Canada and the U.S. to partner with over 100 local independent stores and double the number of hotels and Airbnb partners in the next 24 months,” he added.

The Montreal-based e-commerce mattress specialist Polysleep has added what it describes as a custom, responsive store locator to its web site in support of the 100-plus mainly independent brick-and-mortar retailers who carry the brand across Canada.The privately held direct-to-consumer specialist believes with a strong presence across the country and customer experience at the forefront of its values, Polysleep understands customers are still using store locators despite the advent of services such as Google Maps and other business directory apps. Three in four customers who find local information in search results helpful are more likely to visit stores. And because certain clients want to interact and try before buying a new product, around 75% do online research before heading out to a physical store.

Because it uses data sourced in real-time from Google Places and Airbnb, the Polysleep store locator gives the customer the most accurate information publicly available, such as contact information and honest third-party reviews.

In addition to standard filtering, it also includes some advanced elements enabling users to quickly filter by business type and product availability, which allows them to find what they are looking for in less time.

“The store locator feature we put together for Polysleep is essentially a custom, responsive store locator. It was built in React, embedded within a Shopify store. This tech stack allows it to be incredibly fast to load and use and scalable as more data is going to be featured over time,” said Matthew Bovey, director of sales for Wecre8websites, the Montreal-based creative agency that designed the locator. “We made sure to include an intuitive dashboard for adding and editing stores in English and French when need be. We wanted this not just to be pleasant to use for customers but also easy to maintain.”

While Polysleep sells its assortment exclusively online, the company pays a commission to local independent retailers who join its affiliate program. The retailer doesn’t have to stock the product, eliminating many warehousing and storage issues.

“Polysleep has been a natural fit for Mikaza. We focus on innovative, Canadian-made brands for home decor, and Polysleep mattresses perfectly matched our bedroom designs and opened up a whole new product line for clients,” says Mihran Zaroukian, co-owner of Mikaza, a three-unit independent with stores in Montreal and Ottawa. “As a local and relatively new furniture store brand, Polysleep's latest store locator has helped us tremendously to put us on the map. Many Polysleep clients are also in the market for other home furnishings, so this has been a relevant traffic driver for us.” 

To learn more about Polysleep’s affiliate program, visit

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