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Polysleep expands sleep goods line, adds wedge pillow and topper

 8 July 2021     HGO Staff 

MONTREAL –Polysleep, which was recently ranked one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Retail Companies by Canadian Business magazine, has launched what it describes as three new technologically advanced products that help ease various health conditions affecting sleep while minimizing nighttime overheating.

In a statement, the direct-to-consumer specialist said recently published studies prove hot temperatures have significant effects on sleep quality, increasing the average heart and respiratory rates, affecting sleep efficiency. Polysleep knows its clients and recognizes temperature is only the tip of the iceberg. Physical and health variables such as night sweats, sleep position, respiratory distress, heartburn or inadequate support also have a major impact on the quality of a good night's sleep.

“Introducing the newest members of the Polysleep family delivers on our mission to support our customers’ desire for a balanced life, starting with a healthy and comfortable sleep,” Polysleep co-founder and chief executive officer Jeremiah Curvers said. “Our new products were created by leveraging the most innovative technology available on the market to help a growing segment of consumers with particular needs to improve their sleep.”

The new additions include the modular and cooling Wedge Pillow, the PolyCool Topper and the breathable hypoallergenic and waterproof Mattress Protector.

The Polysleep Wedge Pillow is the first of its type in to be offered in the Canadian market. It can be used in various orientations for unique purposes and is made using a new temperature regulating technology.The wedge pillow and the topper are designed with KulKote, a temperature regulating technology that absorbs and dissipates heat for true temperature regulation and a more comfortable feeling. Combined with Polysleep’s antimicrobial and open-cell hybrid foam, these new products offer better support and comfort than traditional memory foam and provide the same protection and comfort as its existing mattresses.

The modular wedge pillow is the first of its type in to be offered in the Canadian market. It can be used in various orientations for unique purposes – including comfort and various health conditions, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Sleeping with the head elevated decreases heartburn, the most common symptom of acid reflux.

The PolyCool Topper is made for those who experience hot flashes and night sweats and balances the body temperature variations during sleep thanks. The company noted 80% of Canadian women have some symptoms around menopause, increasing fatigue and disrupted sleep.

This topper can be flipped upside down or stay right-side-up to decrease or increase cooling and in two separate sheets so both the user and his or her partner can enjoy different cooling levels if need be.

The new addition also includes the breathable, waterproof and hypoallergenic mattress protector. Designed and made in Montreal, it reduces allergies thanks to a hypoallergenic coating that provides a barrier against odors and allergens.

All three products are now available on their web site. 

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