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Polysleep enters U.S. market

 3 July 2018     HGO Staff 

MONTREAL – Canadian e-commerce mattress specialist Polysleep has begun selling to consumers in the United States, saying online purchases from consumers south of the border has been increasing significantly in recent months. The privately held company sells Canadian-made mattresses as well as pillows via its web site.

In a statement, the company said entering the American market was the obvious next step in its growth strategy, noting that Canadian durable goods – such as mattresses and furniture – seem to be well accepted by the majority of American consumers.

The Montreal-based Polysleep has begun selling its Canadian-made mattress-in-a-box to consumers in the United States.The company’s web site can be found at They didn’t indicate whether they would set up a distinct site with a U.S. web address and price list.

“Customer satisfaction with the product has been indisputable since the company was created in 2016. We see that the market share for online mattresses is growing in Canada, and the outlook is very favourable in the United States. In addition to the unbeatable prices we offer on the Canadian market, the Americans have a currency advantage,” Jeremiah Curvers, co-founder of Polysleep said in a statement.

Last week, the company introduced the Polysleep Pillow. Like the mattress, this pillow is made of four layers of premium viscoelastic hybrid foam. In addition, it is fully adjustable. Consumers can choose the thickness and firmness of the pillow, according to their preferences.

“The pillow is designed to evolve with our customers. Over the years, our physiological needs can change and influence our sleeping positions. Our aim is to offer flexibility over the long term and prolong the special relationship between the consumer and their pillow,” Curvers said.

To develop its product, Polysleep worked directly with chemists and high-density hybrid foam designers to maximize comfort, without neglecting the need for body and head support.

“We are one of the only mattress manufacturers and distributors to use this type of foam. The same is true for our mattress assembly technique, which uses support frame to maximize stability and support. This is a unique design technique of which we are particularly proud,” Deborah Nasica-Labouze, Polysleep chief operating officer said.

The company said it can offer its product lower prices – it currently offers a queen size mattress for C$770, compared to C$850 for Endy and C$1,175 for a Casper – than its competitors because it has no intermediaries.

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