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Phoenix AMD gives to local toy drive, shelters and more

 21 December 2020     HGO Staff 

BOWMANVILLE, Ontario – Added-value resource Phoenix AMD International has gone all out to support the community in which it lives this Christmas season, donating more than $60,000 in cash, clothing and toys to a number of local organisations including local women’s shelters and the Salvation Army.

Dawn Rowe, Phoenix co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing, told Home Goods Online, the one part of the company’s budget that wasn’t cut in reaction to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic was their commitment to various charities dedicated to helping those in need.

Phoenix AMD founders Dawn Rowe and Albert Marrache are seen here surrounded by the toys and bicycles their company will donate to the toy drive organised by the Durham Regional Police Service, the Clarington Fire Department and the local Salvation Army. Some 350 families will benefit from the gift, which has an estimated retail value of $40,000. “We couldn’t cut back on our charity budget,” she explained. “With all of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 fight, the organisations we support don’t have the same mechanisms to raise the money they need. It makes me and Albert truly sad to see so much strife.”

For the past 13 years, Phoenix AMD International has worked with the Durham Regional Police Service, the Clarington Fire Department (the municipality that includes their hometown of Bowmanville) and the local Salvation Army to provide toys for local children. In 2020, some 350 families will have something under the tree for their kids because of the effort. The estimated retail value of this year’s donation is $40,000.

In recognition of the company’s contributions, Constable Darryl Rice presented an award to Rowe and Albert Marrache, her partner and Phoenix president which read in part: “In recognition of your continued support of the Durham Regional Police Service and your overwhelming compassion, generosity and dedication to assist our most vulnerable communities within the Regional Municipality of Durham.”

Durham Police Constable Darryl Rice (left) is seen here presenting an award to Dawn Rowe and Albert Marrache, the founders of Phoenix AMD International, in recognition of their ongoing support for the service’s annual toy drive, conducted in association with the local Salvation Army. Looking on (at right) is Yavuz Yildirim, Phoenix general manager.“All your employees continue to blow this thing out of the water. Even this year when COVID has done so much to hamper our emotions and in a lot of families financially,” Rice said when making the presentation. “Albert (Marrache) made a promise this year. He said it’s going to be bigger and better. I said, ‘How is it going to be bigger and better when everybody’s struggling?’ It didn’t matter. They continue to step up, always helping so many vulnerable people in our community.”

Rowe noted her partner began assembling the donations this past August. They are normally the centrepiece of the annual Phoenix AMD Christmas party, which was not held this year because anti-COVID restrictions.

In addition to supporting the toy drive, Phoenix donated $20,000 to four local women’s shelters, dividing the funds equally between them while also donating clothing to the Men’s Mission in Oshawa.

Giving back has always been a central part of the company’s mission statement, Rowe said adding this year their donations to charities and community organisations will total about $125,000. “We’ve always tried to give back,” she says. “We don’t do it for publicity. We do it because it needs to be done.”

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