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PAB updates bed bug app

 1 November 2017     HGO Staff 

CHICAGO – Sleep accessory specialist Protect-A-Bed (PAB) has introduced aesthetic updates to its ‘Bed Bugs 101’ app, offering users a range of information about bed bugs and bed bug bites, such as what bed bugs are, what do bed bug bites look like (illustrated with detailed bed bug bite images), where bed bugs hide, their daytime and evening habits, bed bug images, as well as the unpleasant interaction bed bugs have with humans.

It’s available free of charge for Apple iOS devices in the App Store.

Designed not only for educating users and their children, Bed Bugs 101 also acts as a resource for the home, for travelers, as well as managers of hotels and B&B’s. With its wealth of actionable information, users can follow instructions on how to find bed bugs in the home and hotel rooms, how to correctly identify bed bugs and how to identify bed bug bites, how to prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride on luggage when traveling, as well as access effective solutions in the event a bed bug infestation is identified: how to get rid of bed bugs.

The updated app offers intuitive navigation, easy-to-follow instructions, plus helpful photos and diagrams.

“While people may disagree on the ideal firmness of a mattress, we all share a dislike for bed bugs,” Protect-A-Bed chief executive officer James Bell said in a statement. “Unfortunately, bed bugs are very good at getting into your house, apartment, or hotel if you aren’t armed with the right information. This app is designed to provide the information you need about bed bugs, whether you’re at home or on the road.”

“The nice thing about this app is that it puts vital information in your pocket for easy access,” added Protect-A-Bed president John Rachid. “It offers a convenient reference for when you’re checking into a hotel room, boarding a plane, or identifying a potential issue in your home. Considering how widespread the problem of bed bugs is, we feel this app would be a welcome addition to any phone or tablet.”

To learn more, check out the web site at

To download, visit or search ‘Bed Bugs 101’ on any iOS device.

‘Bed Bugs 101’ is also available in first-generation form for Android Devices through Google Play.

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