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PAB to expand pillows

 15 January 2018     HGO Staff 

CHICAGO – Sleep accessory specialist Protect-A-Bed (PAB) will introduce its largest selection of pillows ever at the upcoming Winter 2018 edition of the Las Vegas Market. Included will be some 43 pillow variations, all aimed to provide the perfect pillow for every sleeper, regardless of body type, pain points, and personal comfort preferences.

“Consumers often go to great lengths to select a mattress that best provides support, firmness, and comfort, then use whatever pillow they happen to have,” Warrick Bell, PAB vice president of product development said in a statement. “Ideal sleep and satisfaction cannot come from a mattress alone; it’s time for sleepers to have a true choice when it comes to pillows.”

Crystal is one group of memory foam pillows set for launch at the upcoming Las Vegas Market by Protect-A-Bed.“To really get the most out of a bed, it has to be thought of as a complete system,” added PAB president John Rachid. “A bed is only effective if the pillow, mattress and bedding work together to achieve the correct support and spinal alignment. By offering a full range of pillow models, we are able to deliver the perfect combination for practically anyone, complement any quality mattress, and help provide pain-free sleep.”

Bell explained that while over 40 pillow choices could be daunting to a consumer, the pillow line expansion actually simplifies choices by leveraging the company’s interactive point of sales tool: SleepTailor.

Introduced in summer of 2017, SleepTailor takes an image of a bedding shopper, and then guides the shopper through a series of questions that cover dimensions, personal preferences and other important details. In real time, it combines multiple data points using a proprietary algorithm and biomechanics model to recommend pillows tailored specifically to each user for proper alignment and preferences.

“Thanks to SleepTailor, a shopper can feel confident he or she is choosing the right pillow,” James Bell, PAB chief executive officer, said. “They don’t have to think about variables like height, density, and position. It truly removes the guesswork.”

There are five fill variations across the 43 new models and each fill is available in three firmness levels. There are also three “high-tech” fabric options for each pillow, most of which have both cooling and moisture wicking properties.

The Protect-A-Bed showroom is located in space B-900 of the World Market Center, home to the winter and summer editions of the Las Vegas Market Center. It will also feature REM-Fit products and displays including a line of REM-Fit mattresses and the newly debuted ZEEQ Smart Pillows. It also demonstrates the company’s new REM-Fit Brand store program, which is currently only offered in the United States.

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