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Miele launches high-end Generation 7000 series at IDS

 18 April 2022     Ashley Newport 

TORONTO – After more than two years of pared-down and/or virtual trade shows and events, several home goods retailers and manufacturers, including the Canadian branch of the high-end appliance manufacturer Miele, decided to showcase new products and collections in-person at the recently concluded 2022 edition of the Interior Design Show (IDS) here.

Miele Canada, which also was billed as the presenting sponsor of the four-day event, displayed its Generation 7000 collection, showcasing its technologically advanced ovens, coffee machines and aligned products with vacuum sealing drawers at its spacious booth in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

While the collection was formally introduced to North American consumers at a virtual event in September 2021, organizers said IDS marked the time North American designers, retailers and consumers could examine the collection firsthand.

Miele Canada choose the recent Interior Design Show to physically introduce its new high-end Generation 7000 collection of kitchen appliances. Seen here is PureLine, which offers the consumer a more contemporary aesthetic.According to Miele Canada’s web site, Generation 7000 is the largest product launch in the company’s history. The collection, which is slowly rolling out to retailers across Canada and is expected to be fully available to consumers by the end of June, features built-in convection ovens, combi-steam ovens, coffee machines and more. Miele says the new collection represents the complete renewal of the brand’s built-in cooking appliances portfolio, offering various styles and a plethora of smart features.

The collection features four different lines: The VitroLine, the ArtLine, the PureLine and the ContourLine. The four distinct options were created with different kitchen aesthetics in mind, with the VitroLine boasting a ‘reserved’ style; the ArtLine offering a handleless, clean look; the PureLine offering a more contemporary aesthetic; and the ContourLine boasting a stainless-steel frame and focus on technological features. ContourLine is only available in North America.

As far as technology goes, the collection features TasteControl (which allows the oven door to open automatically to prevent overcooking); FoodView (an in-oven camera consumers can use to keep an eye on their food at all times via an app); MotionReact (a feature allowing the appliance to automatically switch on or activate lighting); and Miele Mix & Match (a feature allowing users to cook or reheat by selecting exact food items from the app).

When asked why the company chose to showcase the collection at IDS, Miele Canada president Nelson Fresco told Home Goods Online launching the product at the in-person show made sense.

“It’s just really the biggest collection of designers and architects within Canada, so we felt it was really important. We’ve been with IDS for 12 years, so we figured what better place with a better platform than where you can see 500,000 people coming every year,” he says. “The right people are here. Developers are here, designers are here, this is the right place to do this.”

Interior Design Show senior event manager Bronwyn Gourley-Woo noted Miele was looking to showcase its new high-end collection at one of Canada’s first big in-person shows in two years.

“Miele has been a supporting partner of IDS for many years. We both support the design industry and provide the education that designers ask for. After last year, Miele was looking to come back with a strong presence after not being able to meet with designers and homeowners in person. It came out of the want to connect with people in person,” Gourley-Woo said. “Renderings are great but you can’t replicate the value of in-person [interaction] when it comes to design. Miele was equally excited to come back in person.”

Like many other big-ticket producers, Miele doesn’t necessarily need an in-person show to drum up business – the demand for new products is and remains, as Fresco says, “insatiable.”

“Sales are at record levels right now,” he says, adding while the company is not immune to supply chain challenges, it benefits from building almost every part of its ovens. “We’re not immune to [challenges] because we still outsource some of our semi-conductors. We don’t make wiring, we don’t make screws, so we have been impacted at times but the demand is insatiable at this point. Even if we brought in double the amount of inventory, we’d still have challenges.”

Fresco says this is probably the busiest the company has been since he joined it 15 years ago. He also says no one expects things to slow down anytime soon – especially since so many furniture and appliance manufacturers are still filling backorders.

“There’s such a big backlog in the entire industry that I think [the busyness] is going to continue at least for this year.”

Miele also has plans to install its appliances in a number of new housing developments, which means business isn’t likely to slow as long as new high-rises are being greenlit across the country. “I look at our pipeline for high-rise buildings and we’re even stronger next year,” Fresco noted.

Miele was one of three appliance manufacturers participating in this year’s Toronto IDS. The others were Urban Bonfire, the Montreal-based manufacturers of barbeques and outdoor kitchens, and Gaggenau, the luxury kitchen brand of Bosch Canada.

Miele Canada is also the presenting sponsor of the Vancouver edition of the Interior Design Show, which is scheduled to be held from September 22 to 25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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This HGO article was written by:
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Ashley Newport

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