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Miele forest campaign plants more than 29,000 trees

 31 July 2023     HGO Staff 

TORONTO – Appliance resource Miele Canada has just completed its second annual sustainability campaign and has successfully offset 2.9 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions as well as the planting of more than 29,000 trees.

Called Miele Forest and conducted between April 3 and June 30, every Miele dishwasher sold from a Miele Chartered Agent, a Miele Experience Centre or through in Canada contributed to the preservation and planting of new trees in Canadian forests.

One of the projects supported by the Miele Forest campaign is the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project. Led by nine coastal First Nations along the coast of British Columbia, it is the world’s largest forest carbon initiative. In a statement, the Canadian branch of the German white goods giant said, forests are widely recognized as a leading solution in the fight against climate change due to their unparalleled ability to capture and store carbon. Moreover, forests provide invaluable recreation and education opportunities and hold immense cultural significance.

Under the Miele Forest initiative, Miele Canada actively supported forest carbon capture through two vital approaches: planting new trees and preserving existing old-growth forests. Recognizing that new trees take years to develop their carbon-absorbing capabilities, while mature forests already fulfill this crucial role, Miele Canada ensured a comprehensive approach to address both aspects of this environmental challenge.

“Preserving and restoring our Canadian forests is not just an environmental imperative, but a duty we owe to future generations,” Miele Canada president Nelson Fresco said, adding, “Through the Miele Forest campaign, we are making a tangible impact today, ensuring a greener and healthier tomorrow for future generations.”

Miele Canada successfully supported the offset of 2.9 million kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the planting of more than 29,000 trees, and contributed to the growth of more than 1,100 acres of forested land. These efforts have resulted in the equivalent of more than 89,200 years of dishwashing, eliminated emissions produced by 581 cars for a year, and offset emissions from 345 air passenger trips around the Earth.

Miele Canada also expressed its deepest gratitude to all individuals, organizations, and Miele Forest initiative partners, LivClean, Coastal First Nations-Great Bear Initiative, Anew Climate and The Carbon Farmer.

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