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Mega unveils new identity

 21 September 2015      

SASKATOON (22 September 2015) - To cap off its 50th anniversary celebrations, Mega Group unveiled its new corporate identity at its recent annual conference here, unveiling a symbol it believes will express its confidence not only in its independent retail member but in its future success as well.

Noting that 50 years is an important milestone in the life of any business, Benoit Simard, president and chief executive officer of the co-operatively owned buying and marketing group, the time has come to start looking forward, taking into account all of the changes that have occurred during that time, particularly over the past decade.

"We have been successful over all these years and to honour our past and celebrate was very important to us," he told his audience of about 150, which included a number of the group's shareholders as well as other group members, employees and vendors. "But it is now time to turn our focus and energy on shaping our future.

"We are talking about the change, evolution and progress of our organisation," he continued. "We want to show our new and improved Mega, we want to communicate it visually."

Simard also noted communication has become more complex, especially over the past decade or. "It has become a science - the way we communicate and the medium we use," he said, adding in this age of almost constant messaging it was important to create an image that reflects the mission and purpose of the organisation.

"Also, many of you know Mega is a very generic term and we felt the need to differentiate from Mega furniture, Mega Blocs, Mega brands and even Mega Group USA!" Simard said. "So we mandated L'Express Communication to help us understand our brand personality and to assemble a visual identity that will differentiate us from all the other Megas."

L'Express, a Montreal-based advertising and marketing firm that has had the group as a client for a number of years, came up with four key elements to identify Mega Group's personality and core values. The elements include: adaptability; community; solidarity; and, history.

These elements, Simard explained, come from the shareholders and members who are adaptable business people who behave like a community, are loyal to each other and the group and have a shared history. Without these elements, the group doesn't exist.

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