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LVM exhibitors enthusiastic, particularly their U.S. business

 18 January 2022     Ashley Newport 

LAS VEGAS – It’s no secret the Canadian furniture industry, from manufacturing and distribution to retail, has been on fire, mostly in a good way since 2020, but do manufacturers showing at the upcoming winter edition of the Las Vegas Market expect the trend to continue into 2022?

“I do believe that furniture retailing in the U.S has been at break-neck speeds. However, inventory is low and in Canada, I do not believe that furniture retailing has been at breakneck speeds,” said Simon Jervis, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Sealy Sofa Convertibles, adding, “The addition of the tariff ruling, as well as all the other headwinds from the effects of COVID-19, has changed the furniture retailing landscape in Canada. The immediate need to solve the tariff dilemma is in process and we look forward to a more fruitful 2022.”

The Plank king bed from the Moe’s Home Collection features naturally finished solid oak to show off the organic appeal of the tree it’s made from. Available in both queen and king size, this bed revels in its unique wood grains and whorls, bringing an all-natural vibe to the bedroom. Can be paired with a nightstand for a complete set.Having said that, the seasoned industry executive remains excited for the New Year. “2022 will be a significant year of growth for us,” he said, even though the COVID-19 situation remains fluid and unpredictable.

“Our business plan, including new product introductions, is set for significant growth through 2022. We are focused on expanding brick and mortar distribution throughout the U.S and Canada. We are also excited about our e-commerce strategy.  We are introducing more UPS-able product in both recliners and sofa convertibles.”

Sumer Morad, senior marketing manager with SUNPAN is also expects 2022 to be busy. “We expect demand to remain strong in Canada and our other markets for quite some time, especially as supply continues to play catch up. We have been confined to our homes for the last two years and people have reconnected with their spaces,” she said.

“The housing market remains strong, and people continue to proceed with renovations. Our customers are looking for product that’s in stock and available to ship now, and we are working very hard to fulfil these orders,” she adding, noting the Toronto-based furniture resource is going through a digital transformation.

“We are focused on continuously improving our customer’s shopping experience,” she says. “We are anticipating a strong year ahead.

Angelo ‘J.R.’ Marzilli, president of Décor-Rest Furniture is yet another Canadian furniture executive expecting a busy year ahead. “We have been pedal to the metal, full speed ahead, receiving more orders than we can handle on a daily basis for a good solid year and a half. We’ve increased output, but inbound is way over what we were expecting, but by next year, everyone should have a brand new sofa in their home or cottage,” he said just before the recent Christmas break.

“We’ll be busy until next year,” he added at the time. “We’re building the best we can, not sacrificing quality. It might slow down in Q3 and 4, but there will be a backlog to clear. I think it'll be a strong 2022 based on our current backlog. If we can ship it out faster, we’ll have an even better year.”

However, Gary Christianson, sales and marketing director for Mobital admits he’s a bit nervous about what the New Year might have in store for the industry. “I wish I had a crystal ball and I’d love for it to continue the way it’s going, but if prices keep going up, there’s going to be a sustainability issue in terms of what people can afford. If you’re house poor in Toronto or Vancouver and a $3,000 or $4,000 couch is now $5,000 or $6,000, what’s leftover? Will everyone start spending on going out and vacations again? Will that directly impact our industry?” he asks.

“I’d say I'm approaching 2022 with some trepidation,” he continued, “What I’m looking for is stability with a little bit of growth. This pandemic has forged new business opportunities and relationships and we expect those to flourish in the New Year, such as with new buyers that are buying on larger scales.”

Trepidation aside, Christianson says that no matter what happens, people will always want – and need – furniture. “Your home is your nest and maybe people forgot that but when they had to slow down, they realized they deserved better in their home and they went out and got it and they’re still getting it. If you don't have your nest to go back to, what do you have?”

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This HGO article was written by:
Ashley Newport
Ashley Newport

A regular contributor to HGO Merchandiser, Ashley Newport is a Toronto-based freelance journalist who writes primarily for trade and business publications. Her specialties include food, hospitality and emerging social/business trends.

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