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IKEA sets new high-tech warehouse for Montreal

 3 July 2018     HGO Staff 

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Schaeffer Systems International (SSI), a supplier of automation systems, integrated warehouse management technology, and storage solutions based here, has announced it will create the technology behind a new high-bay warehouse being built by the IKEA Group in Montreal to support both in-store and e-commerce sales in both Canada and the United States.

In a statement, the company said the new center will support current IKEA retail formats while allowing the furniture retailer to compete in e-commerce and smaller retail formats with faster service and greater storage capacity. It includes an automatic shuttle warehouse design, a high-bay warehouse with 245,000 pallet storage locations, ergonomic multi-order-picking workstations, and the warehouse control software.

An artist’s rendering of the new IKEA Group distribution centre set to open in Montreal in the spring of 2020.In its announcement, SSI said traditional sales channels like retail and mail order businesses have now merged into one omni-channel model. The ability to meet these demands by accommodating different order types, respond quickly – even in peak times with both permanent goods and seasonal items for fast delivery – characterise the new world of the furniture business. These requirements have also changed the need for high-tech intralogistics. The new ultra-modern IKEA distribution center in Montreal meets these requirements and ensures the supply of current and future furniture stores along with an online business.

When finished, the facility will have 12 linear gantry robots to ensure efficient provision of in-house loading aids and optimise the goods-in process. A 750-metre floor conveyor system with 42 vehicles will connect the goods-in stations to the high-bay warehouse. The new system will offer 245,000 pallet storage locations supplied by 30 energy-efficient storage and retrieval machines for double-deep storage and retrieval operations. The HBW will supply IKEA stores with single-item and mixed pallet orders via multi-order picking workstations, connected to it by a second electronic monorail system with 35 vehicles on a 525-metre track.

“At IKEA, we always strive to be more accessible, affordable and more sustainable for our customers. This requires innovative logistics with fulfilment activities in various shapes and formats, enabling IKEA to be a multi-channel retailer,” Claudio Marconi, head of logistics development for the Inter IKEA Group said.

The project is due for completion in the spring of 2020. SSI is expected to then build similar facilities for IKEA in Torsvik, Sweden and Lyssach, Switzerland.

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