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EQ3 unveils new environmental, high-performance fabric line

 6 May 2022     HGO Staff 

WINNIPEG – EQ3, the designer, manufacturer and retailer of contemporary premium furniture and home goods, has launched its inaugural line of performance fabrics. Featuring three new collections and 26 unique fabrics, this new line incorporates a treatment that is more environmentally friendly than performance fabrics typically found in the market and can stand up to the wear-and-tear of modern life.

While searching for performance fabrics to expand their material offerings, the design team at EQ3 noticed most contained harsh chemicals and began searching for an alternative.

EQ3 has launched its inaugural line of performance fabrics. Featuring three new collections and 26 unique fabrics, this new line incorporates a treatment that is environmentally friendly and can stand up to the wear-and-tear of modern life.Together with Imatex, one of Italy’s most respected fabric mills, they developed a new line of environmentally conscious, high-performance fabrics. Unlike other performance fabrics on the market, the new EQ3 line was created without the use of fluorinated chemicals, which are harmful to both consumer health and the ecosphere.

This treatment allows water to bead and roll off of the surface and prevents the treatment’s film from accumulating on skin. Applied across this new line of performance fabrics, this treatment offers a more eco-friendly material finish in addition to the company’s 150-plus upholstery options.

“A product is only as good as the quality of materials that it is made of,” EQ3 chief design officer Enri Tielmann said in a statement. “Being a vertical company, we have control of the research and development process of new products. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by using kinder alternatives that are better for people and the environment, can last for decades to come, and be passed on to the next generation. This new line of performance fabrics plays an instrumental role in this mission.”

All performance fabrics are available in a diverse range of eye-catching hues and textures. EQ3 is also expanding its Italian leather offerings, equipping customers with a range of options to create a sophisticated color palette for their homes. New upholstery offerings are as follows:

Onno: Resistant to pilling, Onno is made of 49% natural virgin wool and is unparalleled both in its durability and its luxurious feel. Texture and color are achieved by weaving different yarn tones on the warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal). The yarn has slight chenille properties, resulting in a soft touch available in 14 rich color options.

Maria: Available in eight colour options and named after Italy’s queen matriarch, this is a chenille fabric with a heavy, multi-yarn construction that provides the textile with extraordinary draping qualities and a soft feel.

Bouclé: Made of virgin wool, linen, cotton, viscose and acrylic that results in a natural look with outstanding performance, this fabric has a heavy texture that can transform simple shapes into rich textured landscapes. It is available in four tonal options.

Italian Leathers: This is the company’s most extensive leather expansion in over a decade, adding full grain options in an array of expressive colors. Full grain leathers are not embossed or sanded and therefore able to achieve the characteristic buttery softness. All are a by-product of the dairy and meat industry, meaning less waste was produced and no animals were harmed in their production.

EQ3’s new fabrics were created in partnership with the heritage Italian textile mill Imatex, an industry leader in high end upholstery textiles. This new line of fabrics removes barriers for customers who appeal to lighter fabrics. Both EQ3 and Imatex’s emphasis on product longevity means these fabrics will stand the test of time and grow with customers over the years.

"When our partnership with EQ3 started we hit it off immediately,” said Jacopo Giulio Mazzola, Imatex chief business development officer. “EQ3 prioritizes high quality design and sustainability, and the Imatex product evolution has moved in the same direction. So, we have two companies that go well together. The values of the two companies are similar because we are both family-owned and vertically integrated, there is a tradition that is passed down for generations. This guarantees continuity because we have followed the same principles for decades.”

Designed to celebrate both individual spaces and support our collective home, EQ3’s performance fabrics are available in stores now and online at  this spring.

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