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CEMC forecast calls for modest uptick in 2011 television shipments

 21 August 2011      

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario (22 August 2011) - Shipments of flat panel televisions are expected to improve by a mere 1.3% this year while those of DVD players, including the new Blu-Ray model are expected to fall 6.8%. Both findings can be found in the 2011 edition of the Consumer Electronics Market Trends & Forecast report, published by the Consumer Electronics Marketers of Canada (CEMC).

Prepared in collaboration with the Canadian Imaging Trade Association (CITA), the report is based on data collected from both organizations' statistical programs which gather and analyze information on all of the leading CE categories including televisions, audio receivers (including the home-theatre-in-a-box category), telephones, camcorders and other imaging equipment.

However, for the first time the report will only be made available to association members free of charge. CEMC's parent group, Electro-Federation Canada (EFC), is charging others $250 a copy.

CEMC reports that after dropping dramatically in 2009, shipments of flat panel televisions climbed from just over three million units to 3.46 million units in 2010. The forecast for 2011 calls for shipments to reach 3.51 million units, an uptick of 1.3%.

"Unit sales of flat panel televisions in 2010 rebounded considerably from the downturn experienced in 2009. Unit sales grew 19.7% over 2009," the report said. "However, dollar sales were flat due to the typical price erosion in the market place."

Its authors caution the modest gain in units may not bring about growth in dollars although suppliers will be looking to complement the commodity business with upscale products to bolster revenue. "Growth in this area will be focused on flat panels, which are LED, 3D and 50-inch plus screen sizes," the report noted.

The one segment that provides the best growth opportunity is "connected" televisions. "As the computing and cell phone world evolve, how consumers access entertainment content on their sets are changing as well," the report said. "Connected sets allow greater access to content, whether it's wirelessly streamed from a notebook or directly from the Internet - this is becoming an important aspect for many consumers."

CEMC also noted that 86% of Canadian households will have access to ‘high definition' signals by the end of the year, up from 75% at the end of 2010. Considering only 16% of households had access to HD in 2005, this is astounding growth.

The march of ‘connectedness' at least partially explains the continuing shrinkage of DVD player shipments although, for the first time, shipments of Blu-Ray players exceeded those of traditional players for the first time in 2010. Overall shipments fell 5% to 2.15 million units in 2010 are expected to erode by another 6.9% to two million units this year.

For the third consecutive year, home-theatre-in-box (HTB) shipments are expected to fall. This year they will decline 13.2% to 335,000 units - the lowest level in the past six years.

For more information, visit CEMC's web site at

CEMC is a member of Electro-Federation Canada (EFC); a national, not-for-profit industry association that includes the Canadian Appliance Manufacturers Association. EFC's web site can be found at

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