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Business Cents: a conversation with Albert Marrache

 28 October 2019     Corrie-Ann Knell 

BOWMANVILLE, Ontario – Are you in business to make sales? Or, are you in business to make a profit? Those are the questions addressed in’s new video series called Business Cents. Considering the challenges of the modern retail environment, your answer must be profit and the series explains why that has to be.

Business Cents is a series of conversations between Michael Knell, the publisher of Home Goods Online, and Albert Marrache, the founder and president of added-value resource Phoenix AMD International. These no holds barred talks examine the state of the Canadian furniture industry from manufacturing to retailing while offering insights into strategies the brick-and-mortar retailer can use the beef-up his or her bottom line.

Albert Marrache, president and founder of Phoenix AMD International, in conversation with HGO editor Michael Knell during the current episode of Business Cents.The first episode is titled Understanding Today’s New Reality & Changing Our Mind Set: Profitability Over Making the Sale. Click here to view.

Albert Marrache jumps into the fray with a startling observation. “We’re going in the wrong direction,” he says. “There’s a huge attack on brick-and-mortar and at the end of day, {Phoenix} makes our money with brick-and-mortar stores, so if we don’t participate in helping to make the change, we won’t be here either.”

The industry has witnessed enormous change over the past few years. The best examples, Marrache believes, are the changing roles of both the buying groups and trade events such as the Canadian Furniture Show and the emergence of the internet as a competitive threat to traditional retail.

The first 25 people to respond to will receive a complimentary copy of Good to Great by Jim Collins.“I think the internet has created this turmoil where people don’t really know where to go,” he says, adding, the discussions are meant to give viewers a place to start looking for the answers.

Both participants promise the Business Cents conversations will be inspiring, interesting, entertaining and, every once in a while, a little provocative or controversial.

Marrache is a big believer in the industry’s entrepreneurial spirit. Anyone with the courage to be in business for themselves in this day and age is already on the road to success.

Each session also ends with some suggested reading – a book Albert recommends. In fact, the first 25 people send a question, comment or suggestion to Michael and Albert at [email protected] will get a free copy of that episode’s recommended book.

The first book is Good to Great, by Jim Collins. “I’m sure a lot of you have read it, if you have, I would recommend you reread it; if you haven’t, it is a must read,” Marrache says. “I look at the book all the time because I think it’s extremely important…it’ll remind you of a lot of the things that sometimes we forget to put back into play.”

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This HGO article was written by:
Corrie-Ann Knell
Corrie-Ann Knell

Corrie-Ann is the director of sales and marketing for Home Goods Online and all of its platforms. Before joining HGO, she worked for several firms in the industry including Springwall Sleep Products, Furniture Brands Canada and Phoenix AMD International.

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