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Business Cents 4: The Internet as marketing tool

 16 March 2020     Corrie-Ann Knell 

BRIGHTON, Ontario – The interest is a powerful market tool that has the potential to give the independent furniture, mattress and major appliance retailer an equal footing with the industry’s big names. That’s the take-away from Episode 4 of Business Cents, a series of ongoing conversations with Albert Marrache, president and founder of Phoenix AMD International.

“The internet is a great tool,” he tells HGO publisher Michael Knell at the beginning of their latest chat, which us now available for viewing on “But the experience from the web site to the store must be seamless.”

Click here to view Episode 4 of Business Cents: The internet as marketing tool.

HGO publisher Michael Knell in conversation with Albert Marrache.The web is a great platform for building a brand and for promoting the store’s unique selling position to the consumer. But, it’s primary function short be to lead the customer from the desktop to the store, for that’s where the sale takes place, Marrache believes. Especially when the customer is looking for buy better quality goods and when her biggest concerns are colour, style, comfort and other factors not related to price.

But the key is to make sure what the consumer experiences on the retailer’s web site can be seen when she enters the store.

Marrache also believes retailers have to shift their focus. Sales associates, he points out, often look for the big sales and ignore the smaller one. They want to sell the living suite, but shy away from selling just a pair of lamps or other accessories.

There are literally dozens of social media outlets available to consumers these days. While they all support the store’s presence on the Internet, Marrache believes its important for the smaller independent retailer to pick one or two social media outlets to concentrate on. It takes too much work to have a presence on all of them.

If you customers are fans of Facebook and Instagram, then that’s where you should be. “Let your customers decide where you should be,” he said.

“Pick your customer and pick your medium,” Marrache said. “Then develop personalised content and update it regularly.”

After viewing Episode 4, if you have a question or comment, please send them to Michael Knell at [email protected].

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This HGO article was written by:
Corrie-Ann Knell
Corrie-Ann Knell

Corrie-Ann is the director of sales and marketing for Home Goods Online and all of its platforms. Before joining HGO, she worked for several firms in the industry including Springwall Sleep Products, Furniture Brands Canada and Phoenix AMD International.

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