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Boa-Franc is Now MIRAGE

 6 May 2022     HGO Staff 

SAINT-GEORGES, Quebec – As it prepares to mark its 40th anniversary next year, flooring manufacturer Boa-Franc has changed its corporate name to MIRAGE, a nod towards its best-known wood flooring brand.

In a statement, the company said the new identity marks a key moment in its history, adding the switch to MIRAGE was a logical choice, both as a tribute to the company’s dynamism, dedicated employees, and high-quality products, and as a strong way to promote its hardwood flooring brands throughout North America.

Oak Character Brushed Sanibel (seen above) is part of the Dreamville collection of hardwood flooring. As part of a new strategic shift in advance of its 40th anniversary, the Quebec-based flooring producer Boa-Franc is changing its name to MIRAGE.“In capturing the company’s modern appeal, strength, and sustainability, and fostering greater brand recognition in North America, the corporate name change was the obvious next move,” the statement read.

While the Mirage hardwood flooring brand has earned widespread industry recognition for its quality and excellence, the new corporate identity will be used to promote the company’s other wood flooring brands such as Vintage Hardwood Flooring and Ten Oaks Flooring.

The company’s values and priorities remain the same, with a goal of maintaining and growing Mirage's market share in Canada. However, there is also a significant opportunity for growth in the United States. Passion, respect, integrity, and innovation remain central to the company’s management philosophy. Made and sold in North America is part of the brand's market positioning and messaging to its potential consumers.

“Since starting our company as a little workshop with three people nearly 40 years ago, we have grown to become North America’s most reputable hardwood flooring manufacturer, with a workforce of nearly 700 employees, and over 1,200 retailers across North America, in addition to being an employer of choice,” MIRAGE president Pierre Thabet said.

“With our new corporate image, we want to continue to innovate and to be recognized for what we do best in the industry. Our dedicated employees will continue to provide our partners and suppliers with the best possible service and will uphold the same values and the same commitment to our community,” he continued, adding, “Our new name will resonate beyond Canada’s borders and will certainly help us grow. Our day-to-day operations will continue to be guided by a belief in sustainable development to meet the needs of current generations, without jeopardizing those of future generations. With our new corporate image, we are once again setting ourselves apart from the competition.” 


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