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Sealy Canada launches own version of Posturepedic Proback at TCHFM PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael J. Knell   

TORONTO (23 January 2012) - Sealy Canada launched its first-ever ‘developed in Canada' line of mattresses at the Canadian Home Furnishings Market, which ended its annual four-day run here last week. The new Posturepedic Proback line not only features the bedding giant's four newest technologies but is supported by a modern, technology-driven in-store point-of-purchase and top-of-bed merchandising program.

According to Kevin Sisson, Sealy Canada's chief operating officer, the Proback line will be the company's flagship brand for 2012. In addition to meeting evolving consumer demands for a quality product, the line should help restore retail prices and gross margins for the majority of Sealy's retail partners. He also believes the new collection will reinforce the value of the Sealy brand in the mind of the consumer.

Sisson pointed out the average ticket price at retail has falled dramatically over the past couple of years. "The free fall has to stop," he told Home Goods Online, adding Sealy Canada believes the best way to do that is with technology. The price points for the new Proback offering begin at $799 for a queen size and range up to $2,499.

"We want to sell technology to the consumer first," Sisson said. In other consumer goods categories, it's the technology that attracts the consumer - think the iPhone. "I believe this is an exciting new strategy from the number one brand in our industry."

Posturepedic Proback is divided into four segments, each driven by a different technology. However, they are united by a common centre-third core support system, which provides the consumer with more support in the area from the shoulders to the small of the back.

The top-end of the new collection is the Proback Titanium group which features titanium alloy springs which retain 98% of their height and support characteristics. "The core support centre features ProGel memory foam that reinforces the centre third of the mattress providing 20% more support where the body needs it the most," Sisson said.

The second group features Sealy's pocket coil Reflex technology. It also has the ProGel memory foam core support centre.

The third collection is constructed using breathable and hypoallergenic latex with high density soy foams while the fourth features ProGel memory foam.

Sealy Canada launched its Posturepedic Proback line at the recent Canadian Home Furnishings Market. Developed in Canada, the new collection is offered with this new in-store point-of-purchase display which features a built-in television monitor and a continuous loop features and benefits presentation. The collection stresses the importance of emerging sleep technologies in each of its mattress models.

Each group within the new Proback collection has its own distinct colour scheme for the ticking to differentiate it on the floor. Within each group is a four-bed line-up with each mattress selling in $100 increments (on average).

For the in-store display, Sealy Canada has developed a complete series of colourful headboards - one for each group - which incorporates a television monitor displaying information about the mattress on the loop. As part of the strategy to show-off the core support system, Sealy has also developed a new display pillow that only reaches across two-thirds of the mattress. This allows the consumer to see that the top and bottom third of the mattress are different from the centre third.

Sisson said retailers will have the choice of purchasing as many or as few of the display units as they require. The cost to assemble the display as it was presented at TCHFM last week is about $8,000.

"I believe that we have to make it all about the technology as that's the only way we'll get the price points back up," Sisson said, adding Sealy Canada plans to promote the Posturepedic Proback collection aggressively.

"We want the consumer to be pre-disposed to our product," he said. "We want them coming into the store demanding this product."

Sealy Canada plans to start shipping the new Posturepedic Proback collection in February.

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