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Large retailers see gains in furniture and appliance sales in January PDF Print E-mail
Written by HGO Staff   
OTTAWA (18 March 2010) – Statistics Canada’s group of large of retailers saw year-over-year gains in their sales of furniture, appliances and home furnishings in January, the agency has reported.

In addition to its monthly report on retail sales overall, Statistics Canada also reports on sales by commodity by large retailers, that for the most part, have stores across the country or are dominant players in their home province. While the dollar volumes are preliminary estimates, they are unadjusted for seasonality or other factors.

In big ticket home goods, these companies include: The Brick Group, including The Brick, The Brick Mattress Store and United Furniture Warehouse; The Sony Store; Leon’s Furniture; InterTan Canada, operators of The Source (now a division of Bell Canada Enterprises); IKEA Canada; BMTC Group; and, Best Buy Canada, operators of Best Buy and Future Shop well as the Calgary-based, 27-unit CE specialist Visions Electronics.

This country’s two remaining department store operators, Hudson’s Bay Company and Sears Canada – both of which have large furniture and appliance businesses – are also included in this group as are Wal-Mart Canada and Canadian Tire Corp., both of which are active in big ticket home goods.

However, this report isn’t directly comparable to the standard retail sales report, as the product categories are somewhat different.

According to Statistics Canada, the group’s sales of indoor furniture totalled $256.1 million for the month of January, down 7.3% from the $276.1 million sold in December 2009. However, sales were up 6.1% from the $241.3 million rung-up in January 2009.

Meanwhile, sales of household appliances were $228.6 million in January, a 41% crash from the prior month’s take of $390.0 million but an 8.6% gain over the $210.5 million sold in January 2009.

Sales of consumer electronics, computers and cameras for the group totalled $586.1 million for January 2010, a drop of 58.9% from December’s total take of $1.48 billion. The till in January 2009 totalled $592.4 million, a loss of 1.1% year-over-year.

December sales in this product category are driven by the Holiday Season as it includes portable and personal electronics as well as bigger ticket goods such as televisions and home theatre systems.

Home furnishings sales – which cover everything from floor covering to lamps, accessories and wall art – totalled $233.8 million for the first month of the year. Like the other categories, this was a drop from December when sales were $455 million, a 49% drop.  However, this was also a 2.6% gain over January 2009 when sales totalled $228 million.

Statistics Canada reports these sales on an actual, unadjusted, basis.

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