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Cantrex Group: A track record of success PDF Print E-mail
Written by HGO Staff   

The origins of what is now known as Cantrex can be traced back to 1960, with the collaboration of a group of independent retailers in the furniture and household appliance sectors. For the next two decades, this group named Prestige, grew from this modest beginning in concert with its membership.

A significant milestone in the development of the company came in 1982 when Prestige merged with Servi-Meubles, another Quebec-based group of furniture and appliance retailers, and the Cantrex Group was born. With the combined strength of the two groups, Cantrex had the resources to embark on a new phase of growth and development.

ImageOver the next few years, Cantrex not only continued to grow but also diversified, offering its services to independent retailers in a number of sectors including consumer electronics, floor covering and photography. Cantrex became, and still is today, the largest group of independent retailers in its chosen categories in Canada, supported by a team of more than 250 employees working out of three offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

In 2005, this country's largest multi-channel retailer, Sears Canada, became the sole shareholder of Cantrex.  With its solid reputation and capabilities, Sears is well-positioned to support Cantrex into a future of continuing growth and successful retailing.

For the past 50 years, Cantrex has worked to build a group of independent retailers in the furniture, appliance, mattress, consumer electronics, photography, floor covering and home décor sectors with the power to positively impact the market while driving the profitability and growth of the individual store owner.

Our mission is to support Cantrex members - who currently operate more than 1,200 points of sale of every size and profile - to ensure they are the leaders within their respective markets. We do this by leveraging our members' critical mass to improve marketing, increase sales and enhance profitability. This alliance is built on the solid partnership between Cantrex and each of our members and results in consistently strong performance.

Every service that Cantrex offers and every action that it takes has only one goal: to provide the supports our members need to face the challenges of the market successfully and profitably.

Contact Information:

Web site:

Head Office:
3075 Thimens Blvd., Suite 300,
St-Laurent QC H4R 1Y4
Telephone: 514.335.0260 or 877.CANTREX (877.226.8739)
Fax: 514.745.1741

Corbeil Appliances
6783 Léger Blvd
Montreal, QC H1G 6H8
Telephone: 514.322.7726 or 877.726.7234 (toll free)
Fax: 514.322.8051

9501 Highway 50
Vaughan ON L4H 2B9
Telephone: 905.893.5700 or 800.461.8313 (toll free)
Fax: 905.893.7962 or 800.387.9980 (toll free)

British Columbia
701 Granville St., Sears 4th Floor
Vancouver BC V7Y 1L1
Telephone: 604.638.0251 or 800.663.8058 (toll free)
Fax: 604.638.0257

Key Contacts

Jeannine Ghaleb
Vice-president, Corporate Development and Operations
Telephone: 514.906.6065

Sylvain Casabon
Vice-president, Information Systems
Telephone: 514.906.5915

Marc Melanson
Vice-president, Member Retail Services
Telephone: 514.906.5950

Christian Massé
Vice-president, Finance
Telephone: 514.906.5940

Jean Favreau
Vice-president, Furniture, Appliances and Bedding
Telephone: 514.906.6081

Pierre Caron
Vice-president, Floor Covering and Home Décor
Telephone: 514.906.6070

Mike Bittman
Vice-president, Consumer Electronics and Photography
Telephone: 905.893.5717

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