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Magniflex enters Canadian market PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael J. Knell   

TORONTO - Magniflex, the Italian memory foam mattress specialist, has entered the Canadian market, aligning itself with industry veteran Richard Landriault, president of Richard & Associates, an agency based here.

Landriault will be offering a broad range of memory foam environmentally-friendly mattresses and pillows in two different collections to Canadian retailers. The Classic collection is made from Magniflex's Eliosoft foam, which is made using water-expanded polyurethane that is highly breathable, permitting the absorption and eliminate the body moisture produced during sleep. This collection will range in retail prices from $1,099 to $3,499.

Also being introduced is the Geoethic collection which is 100 per cent eco-friendly. It is produced with a combination of essential oils which are known for their curative, anti-rheumatic and antibacterial properties. These are also combined with water-expanded polyurethane. This grouping will have a suggested retail ranging from $1,499 to $5,399.

"All of these mattresses are reversible, with both a soft and a firm side and feature up to seven comfort zones to ensure a perfect body weight distribution ensuring ultimate sleep." Landriault said, adding, "At Magniflex, concern for the environment is not a matter of sales and marketing, but a way of life profoundly rooted in every segment of the company."

The Sea Cell Emotion is just one of a large collection of memory foam mattresses that Italian producer Magniflex is bringing to the Canadian market.

All are manufactured at Magniflex's factory located in a suburb of Florence, Italy, which has a capacity of 10,000 units a day. The company estimates that currently about 20 million people worldwide sleep on one of their mattresses. Approximately 80 per cent of Magniflex's shipments are exported to Japan, China, Spain, Germany, Russia and the United States.

Landriault said the product offers several unique features. It's 100 per cent breathable, totally hypoallergenic, is environmentally friendly in that no toxic or non-biodegradable materials are used in its construction. The company oversees the production of its raw materials which include lempur (a wood fibre with a velvet feel), bamboo, linen and corn fibres.

Each mattress also has a cover that removed and dried cleaned.

It is also shipped in a fairly unique manner. "Its vacuum packed, which reduces its size by almost 90 per cent," Landriault said, pointing out that this means it's not only easier to ship but more mattresses can be put in a container, reducing the unit-cost for freight.

Richard Landriault
"This also reduces the inventory cost," he added. "It's easier for the retailer to deliver and the customer can even take it home with them." Once removed from its packaging, the mattress returns to its full size and shape.

Landriault will warehouse Magniflex mattresses in Montreal, ensuring he can meet industry standards for delivery. "We will also promote the brand through magazines and support the retailers through training and point-of-purchase material," he said.

A decision will soon be made as to whether he will exhibit Magniflex at the Canadian Home Furnishings Market in Toronto next January. He has sales representation in Ontario and Quebec but is looking to add to his team in both the West and Atlantic Canada.

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