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Minimize the erosion of revenues and loss of gross margin dollars PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim Green   


ImageAny strategy designed to weather the cruel waters of a recession most probably begins with plans to minimize the erosion of revenues, increase sales, protect gross margin dollars, and conserve cash flow. Actions which address these goals provide the business with an even greater opportunity to at the very least, stay afloat, and at very best, flourish.

Managing recession PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim Green   

Part 1 of a Series

ImageIt occurred to me recently that to be able to remember first-hand the last really serious recession (1980-1982) as adults, individuals would have to be in their late 40s. While there have been a few relatively short-lived downturns beginning in 1990 and 2001, they were nowhere near as deep as the 1980 contraction. The one we face today may prove to be every bit as severe, if not more so. This means that employees and managers working in the retail furniture industry have never been through anything like this unless they have worked in the business for a very long time. I wonder how many have a definite action plan to deal with it.

Getting back to furniture basics PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim Green   
ImageHi! I'm Jim Green, author of the three volume set of books on the retail furniture business, Furniture Retailing 101. This set of books looks at the industry from a newcomer's perspective and covers the fundamentals and basics of nearly every aspect of furniture retailing. Though it has been written for the novice, I believe the book set will have real value to individuals entering the business from other industries, journalists, analysts, manufacturing executives and representatives and anyone with an interest in learning more about our business. I have over 30 years experience in both the supply and retail sides of the furniture business. 
Take it from an insider PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joseph F. Carroll   
ImageI've attended every High Point Furniture Market since April, 1970. Counting the most recent event, that amounts to some 79 markets. Americans like to do everything in a big way so while most countries have one national market a year, there are two annual national markets in the United States: High Point in April and October.
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